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Friday, September 23, 2005 

Clash of the Titans

I saw a flyer in the lounge that said that Prof McAdams is going to debate Prof Moss (of the law school) about the Roberts Court and its future. I will reorganize my schedule so I can attend this. I would be able to tell you the date but I just got home so things are a bit blurry. It's at noon in room 307 in the law school though. I remember that much. I'll edit this post with the details. EDIT: It's on the 29th.

I am hereby offering my services to Prof McAdams as far as this debate. Research, tactics, whatever. (I'm joking. McAdams certainly doesn't need my help in this) I have a pretty good idea how Prof Moss will approach this, so I know where to get him on it. It will be a lot of "oh our labor/privacy/blah blah rights will be gone." You know, those "rights" that are nowhere in the Constitution but a handful of judges injected them? Yeah, those. Just defer to the text. That's what I always do. Ask where exactly that "right" is. Then it's all "Uh, well, uh, penumbras and uh, well it should be there!" I wouldn't expect that kind of befuddlement from Prof Moss though. He's a pretty sharp guy, he knows his stuff, and he's a lawyer. Lawyers like debating and arguing. I expect this debate to be pretty damn good.

The crux of this is that nothing much will change with just Roberts added to the Court. Nothing much will change with a conservative replacement for O'Connor. The change will come if Stevens or Ginsburg retires. Then there is an actual shift. Until then, it's just "the sky is falling" Ralph Neas BS. I really don't like Ralph Neas. Can you tell?

Well I have class in a few hours. Time to get ready for bed. Septembeer Fest is tomorrow night (I think) so I should have a story or two about that. Beer tastings are the new wine tastings. If I don't end up going, I'll just describe something interesting in my room. You'll read that. Right? Right?

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