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Wednesday, September 21, 2005 

Get on the McConnell Train

I'm on, Hugh Hewitt's on, and Orin Kerr from Volokh is on too.

I made a post not long ago about McConnell and why he would be a great but unlikely pick. Kerr's post is a hell of a lot better than mine and well worth reading. Take into account this from Powerline, and maybe McConnell is back on top of the short list. If the White House is worried that their top female candidates can't stand up to a filibuster or the "blood bath" of the committee, then McConnell or Luttig might be the only alternatives. Both of them are afflicted with white male disease, but that's a small political price to pay. I think Bush supporters will be more happy with someone like Luttig as opposed to Owen (who will be filibustered) anyway.

With Sen Reid saying that he will vote against Roberts, it has become clear that the Democratic leadership has lost its damn mind when it comes to judges. Roberts is the best Justice that Reid can hope for from a conservative president who is determined to nominate conservative judges. Opposing him just makes Reid look cracked. Hell, even the LA Times and the Washington Post, two papers not known for being conservative, endorsed Roberts. Here's how the Times editorial began...
"It will be a damning indictment of petty partisanship in Washington if an overwhelming majority of the Senate does not vote to confirm John G. Roberts Jr. to be the next chief justice of the United States."
Reid is stuck on stupid.

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