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Thursday, September 22, 2005 


I would normally have 3 classes tomorrow, and my day would start at 10:30 AM and end at 8:15 PM. I'm actually there earlier than that and usually hang around a little later. It can easily be a 12 hour day. My two earliest classes are cancelled tomorrow, so I have to show up for class at 7 PM. I plan on going down to Marquette earlier, just to get some work done. I figure that I can read for Health Law, do my Evidence assignment for Friday, and make an attempt at finishing my NEPA stuff for Environmental Law. I have another class cancelled this week too. It's great. Not that I don't love my professors or anything, but this gives me a chance to really get ahead (catch up) on my readings and review my notes. This has been by far the least stressful week of the semester.

I'm not sure when it's on, but I plan on watching the Roberts committee vote. I'm interested to see who ends up in the Leahy camp and who ends up in the Reid camp. I think that the Reid camp (even at this early point) is full of partisan hacks who will oppose ANY nomination that Bush makes that is right of center. I've said it before but it's true, Bush could resurrect Blackstone and nominate him. Ted Kennedy would still vote against him. Where does Kennedy get off passing judgment on anyone? He's a drunk and should be in jail.

Speaking of timing, I'm wondering if the next nomination will be soon. I hope it is soon, so I can stop posting about it. I can't help it; people who are into the Court love this stuff. I think that the earliest the name will come is the day after Roberts is sworn in. There are tons of names being thrown around. McConnell and Luttig seem to be the choices of the base. McConnell is more of the legal scholar choice than Luttig though. Karen Williams' name has been popping up more and more. Her opinion on a recent Pledge of Allegiance case has gotten a lot of attention. Clement and Jones still have their supporters. Garza seems like the lead Hispanic candidate. I think that Brown and Owen would both be filibustered. The Gang of 14 deal would collapse like a house of cards if either one of them were named. I'll go on the record right now with my desired pick. Michael McConnell. I'll probably be happy with whomever it is, but I'd take him before the rest.

If you want some entertaining reading, check this out on Prof. McAdams' blog. Marquette administration stonewalling?! I'm shocked! What is it about universities that breeds this kind of crap? I have no problem with them inviting some pro-PLO, anti-Israel professor/author/poet/activist/blowhard, but at least have a balanced panel. A four person panel with four panelists of the same opinion is insane. That's not a discussion; that's a circle jerk. Remember when universities were places of intellectual debate and discussion? Yeah, me neither.

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