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Saturday, September 17, 2005 

Beer Review: LaCrosse Light

It's Friday night, I'm exhausted from this week, I'm not going out. But I'll have a few beers while I relax and watch a movie. My sister left a couple in my fridge, so I've decided to drink them before she comes back for them. Tonight's selection is LaCrosse Light. It's brewed by City Brewery in LaCrosse, WI. I've never heard of it before but am willing to give it a shot. It certainly looks like a light beer. There is a very light golden hue to the beer. If not for the curvature of my pint glass, I could watch my movie through it. The aroma is more of a stink. It's not very strong, but my nose picks up something that it doesn't like when I deeply inhale. This could be rough.

And it's anything but rough. This is a very light beer. I'm talking Miller Lite light. There is almost no flavor when it hits the tongue. It's like water. I notice on the bottle that it is "brewed with pure artesian water." I'm going to object to the word "brewed" in that phrase. I think they just dyed some water. Is that really a selling point anyway? I don't know many beer drinkers who are bending over backwards to find out what kind of water was used. I took a few more drinks so I could describe the aftertaste. Unfortunately, I've built up a tolerance to the aftertaste already. I vaguely remember it being sort of bitter. After about 5 or 6 sips, it's going down like water. Pure artesian water at that. LaCrosse Light is not very good. If for some unexplainable reason I want to drink a light beer, I'll drink something else. Leine's Amber Light is a good choice. It's also good for cooking brats. If you are offered a LaCrosse Light (its beautiful bottle has a picture of a river on it), pass. It's utterly forgettable.

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