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Thursday, August 25, 2005 

There are More Kelo Posts on My Blog than Any Other Topic

Ann Althouse spotted this backpedal by Justice Stevens, author of the Kelo opinion.

I do say "spotted" even though it is in the NYT, because I refuse to read the NYT and therefore would not see what would normally be a prominent story. I just really can't stand that newspaper.

I think there is a big problem when a decision from last term is called unwise by the author of the majority opinion. I hope that means that this issue will be revisited by the Court in the near future and corrected. I think that saying planned development counts as public use is a bit of a stretch. Maybe this comes from a basic distrust of government bodies (especially ones in Milwaukee), but I don't think that the public interest is always priority number one for city planners. There have been more than a few sweetheart deals in this city concerning development (Michael Cudahy, I'm looking in your direction)and it seems like the connected few are taking advantage of positions of power.

I look forward to talking about Kelo in Land Use and Development next semester.

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