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Wednesday, June 15, 2005 

Party to a Crime

I was out on one of my trademark early AM walks just now. It is such a nice night that I figured why not take a break from reading message boards and other useless crap and take a stroll. I like to scare the herds of rabbits that are in the neighborhood, keeps them on their toes. Or so I thought. I startled one, he went off running, and I slowly walked around the corner to see where he went. I turned and saw him 30 yards away. As I got closer, I realized that was a big fucking rabbit. As I got even closer, I realized that is a cat. The cat sat still until I got with 15 feet, then he ran. Why did he wait so long? Cause he was protecting the carcass of the rabbit he just killed and was eating. I guess I drove the rabbit right to him. I felt bad, but then realized that there are 6 million rabbits on this block alone. What's one less? And hey, it's the circle of life, Simba.

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