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Wednesday, June 22, 2005 


Why am I funding a TV station? Why am I funding a TV station that gave Bill Moyers his own show? If my money is paying the bills down there, don't I get a say in who works there?

Seriously though. PBS and NPR deserve no public money. None. If you like them and want to support them, then you cut them a check. I have no use for either one of them. Especially when you consider the kinds of political opinions you run into on these stations, why is tax money going to them?

In the case of PBS, I think only 15% of their funds come from taxpayers. Yet they trotted out Clifford the Big Red Dog to lobby Congress for more money. A man in a dog suit. You know, it's too bad that PBS doesn't have a really successful show. Maybe a children's show that has been around for decades and is wildly popular. Maybe even one that has had a huge amount of merchandise on the market for that time too. Perhaps they could even have had the top selling, most sought after toy during a Christmas season. Maybe, just maybe, if they had a show like that, they could fund themselves. They could name it "Something Street."

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