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Sunday, June 26, 2005 

Kelo Kelo Kelo

There have been some interesting reactions to the new redhead stepchild of SC decisions. This is from the New York Times editorial page:

The Supreme Court's ruling yesterday that the economically troubled city of New London, Conn., can use its power of eminent domain to spur development was a welcome vindication of cities' ability to act in the public interest. It also is a setback to the "property rights" movement, which is trying to block government from imposing reasonable zoning and environmental regulations.

I love how they put property rights in quotes, as if it is some figment of the imaginations of a handful of kooks. It doesn't have any history with John Locke, David Hume, Thomas Jefferson... I also love it when people talk about acting in the public interest, as if it is as simple as walking over to a guy named Public J. Interest and asking him what he thinks. This here is actually just socialism. And it has the same flaw that socialism does. Someone somewhere ultimately determines what is best for everyone else. That someone is usually a bureaucrat. Seems like a crock of shit to me.

I've spent a little time on liberal blogs and the debate there is interesting. You have the far left socialist types who want the government to make any decision they want regarding your life praising this case to high heaven. Then you have the anti-corporate liberals who think that Kelo is horrible and will result in homes being taken to build Wal-Marts. Maybe a few of them are seeing the folly in putting their faith in the government to call the shots on everything. Maybe they are questioning the wisdom of the liberal cadre on the Court. Maybe they will see that strict constructionism isn't such a bad thing. Maybe not.

Monday will be something. The final cases will be handed down. I wouldn't expect a retirement announcement though. There is still work to be done on Monday, so an announcement will happen Tuesday at the earliest. I hope it happens, I hope the White House moves fast, and I hope that "where do you stand on eminent domain?" is one of the first questions asked to the nominee.

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