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Friday, June 24, 2005 

Morgan Spurlock

Michelle Malkin has something interesting about his new show.

Am I surprised that he plans the results of his 30 day experiments? Nope. This really strikes at the core of why I can't stand modern "documentarians." It's one thing to have an agenda or some sort of narrative planned, that's just part of making a coherent film. It is another thing to act like you are running an experiment while having the results planned.

I saw Supersize Me. If I had to describe it, I'd call it quaint. The school lunch part was the only thing that I found interesting. Beyond that, I thought it was a pretty useless. At the beginning when he does his monologue, he asks "where does personal responsibility end and corporate responsibility begin?" Here, it doesn't. This is not some company dumping chemicals or spewing poisons into the environment. This is a fast food restaurant. YOU make the choice to stop there. YOU choose what on the menu you want. YOU pay for it by choice. YOU eat it. All that McDonalds does is exist. You make every step of the process possible. It is possible to go past a McDonalds and not stop there. I know. I've seen me do it. Fast food is not good for you. Anyone who doesn't know this is either willfully ignorant or too stupid to function without supervision.

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