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Tuesday, November 07, 2006 

It's Finally Election Day

Thank God Tuesday is finally here. Aside from being Dollar Burger night at Bar Louie, it's election day. Of course, that means I have to dust off my favorite graphic borrowed from the good people at The Weekly Standard. I will go against the traditional blogger grain and not make any predictions, not tell you who/what I'm voting for (though like Mr. York said, if you read my blog, you pretty much know how I'm voting... or do you?), and not complain about how dirty the campaigns were. Actually, I love a dirty campaign. I love the brutally personal attack ads and the willfully deceptive recorded phone calls. Dirty campaigning is American, dammit. If memory serves, the Adams-Jefferson presidential race was the political equivalent of a street fight. Our great republic was founded on the principle of dragging the other guy through as much mud as possible.

Anyway, I will be voting before class this morning. In all honesty, there is only one race that I'm really following with any actual emotional investment. Still, I'm excited to vote.

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