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Tuesday, May 30, 2006 

Scout Appeal Denied

The Supreme Court denied to hear an appeal in a case concerning Boy Scout recruitment at public schools. Prof. McAdams has picked up my Court-news-slack with a post about the denial...
This left standing a lower court decision allowing the Scouts the same access that other groups have. According to the Associated Press:

A Michigan appeals court said that Mount Pleasant schools allowed other organizations to use class facilities, including a hospital group, an Indian tribe, a Baptist church, and a hockey association.

Thus we have the continuation of a fairly consistent pattern of courts upholding the principle of neutrality in dealing with religious groups.
I'm very in favor of a neutral approach in these cases. Either the schools should be open to anyone to use or no one to use.

Just for the record, I was never a Scout. I'm just not a neckerchief fan.

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