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Monday, May 22, 2006 

Eight in a Row

The Supreme Court issued its eighth straight unanimous opinion today in Brigham City v. Stuart. I'll let the AP sum it up because I'm tired...
Justices said that a "melee" that Brigham City, Utah, police officers saw through a window early one morning in 2000 justified rushing in without knocking first.

"The role of a peace officer includes preventing violence and restoring order, not simply rendering first aid to casualties; an officer is not like a boxing (or hockey) referee, poised to stop a bout only if it becomes too one-sided," Chief Justice John Roberts wrote.
Come on, Court. Give me something here... a blistering dissent, a heated 5-4 decision, something more than a Stevens concurrence. I demand conflict to be entertained. There have been a few close cases so far this term, but mostly things have been buzzing along merrily so far. I'm expecting some more close decisions in the coming weeks. I need my Scalia dissent fix.

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