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Thursday, February 09, 2006 

Let the Speculation and Rumors Continue

A week ago, I made this post concerning the possible retirement of Justice Stevens. Well, Wonkette has jumped on board the rumor train with a colorful quote from the Court's most senior member...
"I can't put up with this shit anymore!"
Gee, could you tell us how you really feel?

Wonkette makes the case for Stevens' imminent retirement, saying that this quote is from a credible source, that he's unhappy about Justice O'Connor's retirement, and that his wife may be in poor health. Wonkette argues the other side though, saying that Stevens has already hired his clerks for the next term and has said to his clerks that he has no plans to retire.

If the bow-tied one chooses to step down at the end of this term or even the next, expect a confirmation fight that puts the Alito one to shame.

EDIT: I don't understand this line...
Sources say he's fed up with being in a powerless liberal minority...
There has been nothing "powerless" about the liberal wing of the Court in the past decade. They have four solid votes and had been able to get a five vote majority by peeling off either O'Connor or Kennedy. If the Court's decisions have been reflective of an all powerful conservative majority, I think my definition of judicial conservative needs updating.

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