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Tuesday, February 07, 2006 

A Fun Lunch Hour, Again

My loyal readers should remember my award winning post A Fun Lunch Hour, concerning Florida strippers. This may come as a shock, but more arrests have been made in Pasco County. Here's the good news...
According to the Pasco County Sheriff's Office, the dancers were allegedly involved in a variety of criminal activities, including cocaine peddling, prostitution, lewdness, exposure of sexual organs, and the improper solicitation of alcohol sales.
Oh ladies, when will you learn?

The Smoking Gun has the mugshots, and they are quite a sight. The Pasco County Sheriff's Department seems to have a little trouble with spelling on some of the signs, but I'll let that slide.

3 is flipping off the camera.

23 is a dude. It's gotta be.

I would give those girls money to put their clothes back ON! Ugh.

Yeah, things are looking pretty rough in Pasco County.

I like how "11" has a big ole grin on her face like this will be used as her next headshot.

She's getting her picture taken whether she likes it or not. Might as well try to make the best of the situation and smile.

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