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Wednesday, February 15, 2006 

Alito's Clerks

The complete roster for Team Alito has been filled. In addition to adopting former O'Connor clerks Sasha Volokh and Ben Horwich, Justice Alito has filled his chambers with the following...
-- Adam G. Ciongoli, currently a senior VP at Time Warner Inc., who previously served as a close advisor to former Attorney General John Ashcroft;

-- Hannah Smith, who previously clerked on the Court for Justice Thomas; and

-- Jay Jorgensen, who previously clerked on the Court for then-Chief Justice Rehnquist.
Smith is only going to work until May, then Jorgensen will replace her. The Associate Justices only get four clerks.

I think that the bios of Alito's clerks are incredibly interesting and telling. Aside from their personal connections to him, he's got a former Rehnquist clerk, a former Thomas clerk, and a former Ashcroft aide. I sense a slight ideological bent here, don't you?

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