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Wednesday, January 11, 2006 

Supreme Court Profiles

Prof. McAdams has an interesting post on the CNN profiles of the Supreme Court Justices. They are on this page, click on Gallery: Current Justices. I'm going to post the entire Justice Thomas profile...
President George H.W. Bush appointed Associate Justice Clarence Thomas in 1991 to replace retiring Justice Thurgood Marshall.

Marshall was the first African-American on the court and had been a key figure in the fight to dismantle racial segregation and discrimination. Thomas has a far different philosophy and has opposed affirmative action and other programs for minorities.

During his confirmation hearings, an FBI report was leaked alleging that Thomas sexually harassed a former employee at the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. University of Oklahoma law professor Anita Hill claimed Thomas made unwelcome sexual advances. Thomas denied the allegations.

The committee did not find convincing proof of Hill's claims and sent his nomination to the full Senate without recommendation. Thomas was confirmed 52-48, the closest confirmation vote of the century.
Thomas has been on the Court for almost 15 years and he is summed up as "not Marshall, pubic hair on Coke can". I guess that's all that anyone can say about his jurisprudence. There's obviously nothing intriguing about his views on Natural Law, originalism, his personal history, or anything like that.

I'm not a huge Justice Kennedy fan, but could they have at least given him a picture that didn't make his head look lopsided?

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