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Tuesday, January 31, 2006 


As seen on Volokh and UTR, here is the upcoming line up of Supreme Court clerks. It's always interesting to see who the Justices pick to clerk for them. Both Scalia and Thomas have taken on a Judge Luttig clerk. Luttig's clerks are known as "Luttigators", in case you were wondering about the weird name. I consider myself fairly up on the federal judiciary lingo, but I've never heard Judge Sentelle's clerks called "Sentelle-tubbies". I think that might be an Amber term. I like it though.

As you can tell from the schools named, Supreme Court clerks usually come from the top schools. The list is: Yale (7), Harvard (7), Chicago (2), UVA (3), Columbia (2), Northwestern (1), Stanford (1), NYU (1), Georgia (1). I'm not jealous. Really. Not at all.

Justice Souter hasn't hired any clerks yet. Amber says that he's interviewing in a little over a month from now. Maybe he'll retire instead. He does hate living in Washington DC. Maybe he's going to bow out now. Maybe he's going to stay on the Court for 15 more years to infuriate me. It could go either way.

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