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Monday, January 30, 2006 

Ted Kennedy Losing His F'ing Mind

Wow. This is... wow.

Apparently Judge Alito doesn't care about women, children, the working class, or the disabled. Okay, Kayne Kennedy.

He also doesn't understand the "progress" that the country has made. I love seeing this man of privilege, who was born into wealth, berate the son of an immigrant who worked his way to the top of the legal field.

Kennedy also thinks that we haven't spent enough time discussing this nominee in front of the American people. Judge Alito was nominated in late October. It is late January. No Supreme Court nominee in modern history (probably not ever) has taken this long to confirm.

Judge Alito is "the wrong judge at the wrong time at the wrong court." So was Mary Jo Kopechne the wrong woman in the wrong car with the wrong driver?

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