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Tuesday, January 31, 2006 

Hey, Senator Kennedy

Sit and spin.

The previous post is the second in the "Hey (insert name of blowhard Democratic Senator) Sit and spin" series. I hope to make at least one more of these.

EDIT: From the AP...
The former U.S. appeals court judge will quickly be sworn in at the Supreme Court before his expected appearance at Bush's annual State of the Union speech Tuesday evening with the White House's other new Supreme Court judge, Chief Justice John Roberts. Alito will be ceremonially sworn in a second time at a White House East Room appearance on Wednesday.
That's excellent.

I like it. You should also give one to bin Feingold.

Russell is a definite contender. Bush just needs to nominate Judge William Pryor for the next vacancy, and we can all watch Feingold have a meltdown.

It was a close call for this award though. Kerry was in the lead just because of the Switzibuster, but Kennedy's unhinged rant on the floor of the Senate put him ahead.

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