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Friday, December 02, 2005 

Another Act of Vandalism in Response to The Warrior

Somebody egged Brandon Henak's house. It's Pathetic, part 2. It's really disgusting that so-called open minded, tolerant individuals can't stand free speech. If you don't like The Warrior, don't read it. It's just that easy. These criminal acts only give The Warrior more attention, and the staff sure as hell isn't going to quit because of a few eggs. The same goes for those people who get hysterical over The Warrior and criticize it. There's nothing wrong with legitimate criticism, but you're just giving The Warrior more publicity and attention by doing it. That kind of defeats your purpose, doesn't it? The attacks against The Warrior are weak and feeble to begin with anyway.

Brandon Henak states in his post...
Let us hope that in the future they will express any discontent they have through a letter or column that I am sure The Warrior would be happy to publish...
Don't overestimate them, Brandon. I'm not sure that the perpetrators have the ability to write. Anything they did submit would probably be written in crayon.

It all comes down to jealousy. The staff of The Warrior has put in a lot of hard work and produced something that has received massive amounts of attention. The people who did the egging probably haven't ever had that kind of success in their lives. They want attention too. The only way that they can get attention is through mindless criminal acts, because they simply aren't talented enough to create something of actual worth.

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