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Saturday, November 26, 2005 

Michael Yon

I have waited far too long to put a link to Michael Yon's blog on here. He's a journalist in Iraq, and probably the only media source I trust on the topic. It's amazing to read his stories and look at his pictures, then see what the mainstream media is showing us. Two entirely different worlds...

Looks like some interesting stuff. But to be honest, I don't really trust anyone in the MSM, talk radio or the blogosphere to be objective about Iraq. This country has become so insanely polarized over the past five years, and Iraq has been at the center of it. The left refuses to talk about any of the accomplishments over there, but the right wants to whitewash all the bad stuff that goes on. I think we really turned a corner when Bush landed on that aircraft carrier way back in 2003. Before that, he never had the hard left, but tons of regular Americans were behind him. But when he pulled that stunt, it became so apparent that the Iraq war was about nothing but politics since day one. Still, I place all the blame for this train wreck squarely on the shoulders of Saddam. If he had cooperated with Bush in 2002-2003, we would have not had to go to war. Now, the most important thing is finding a way out that doesn’t turn Iraq into a staging ground for terrorism world wide.

This country would be a lot better off if everyone was trying to win this war, not use it for their own political gain.

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