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Sunday, November 27, 2005 

Sunday Insight

I just finished watching Charlie Sykes' panel show Sunday Insight. This episode was devoted entirely to blogs and had an all blogger panel. It was an interesting discussion, and I think that the nail was hit firmly on the head: blogs have taken away much of the power of the mainstream media. Their monopoly on the dissemination of information is over. When someone like me (not a computer genius) can have a blog, I can easily provide my small but devoted readership with news stories that they might not see in a newspaper. My blog is also an avenue for sharing my commentary and analysis with those of you who are not lucky enough to be sitting near me when I choose to run my mouth. It's an incredible form of media. For any remaining doubters out there, ask Dan Rather about the power of blogs.

EDIT: Charlie Sykes has a post about about the show, and I got linked. Very cool. As Jessica McBride says, he's the Godfather of Wisconsin Bloggers. I'm a mid-level enforcer at best. Someday, I hope to achieve Tom Hagen status.

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