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Monday, November 28, 2005 

Christmas Gifts for Law Students

Now that Thanksgiving is over, everyone can officially concentrate on Christmas and shopping. I have already finished my shopping (aside from a few internet purchases), so I can sit back for the next month. I've been asked what I want for Christmas, and have been giving it much thought. I don't claim to speak for all law students, but I think that the following gifts would be appreciated...

Cash - Hard currency, preferably American. Unoriginal and impersonal but never refused.

Takings: Private Property and the Power of Eminent Domain by Richard Epstein - Epstein is major legal scholar, and this book is all about everyone's favorite topic. Nothing like a little light reading between semesters.

The Economics of Justice by Richard Posner - While were at it, let's throw another legal classic onto the list. Winter break is long and we wouldn't want that sharp legal mind to atrophy.

The Paper Chase DVD - Not for watching, mind you. Buy this for me so I can hurl it, discus style, into Lake Michigan. I hate this movie and everything about it.

Next semester's books - Seriously, someone foot the bill for these.

Rounders Collector's Edition DVD - Matt Damon plays a law student who neglects his studies to play poker. I'm about to spoil the ending, so stop reading here if you haven't seen it. He ends up leaving law school to go to Las Vegas to be a professional gambler. Sigh. We can all dream....

Getting to Maybe: How to Excel on Law School Exams by Richard Michael Fischl and Jeremy Paul - Of all the how-to law school books, this is the only one that I would spend money on. It teaches you how to read an exam, spot issues, write a coherent answer, and be concise so you can finish in time. It's worth your time to read this book.

Those are a few things that come to mind. A post-graduate job would be nice too, but that doesn't exactly fit under the tree.

EDIT: I have to add one more to the list...

I Hope They Serve Beer in Hell by Tucker Max - Tucker Max is a Duke Law grad turned author who is something of an internet legend. His stories have been passed around on message boards and in chain e-mails for a long time. I think that Marquette Law needs to bring him to the next Alternative Careers for JDs seminar. His exploits made the New York Times when he got sued by a former Miss Vermont for one of his stories. The story is here and all of the lawsuit articles, briefs, and motions are at the end (see, this isn't just a raunchy story, there are legal issues at work here too).

It won't be out until January, so it's either a late Christmas present or a birthday present for me.

i can borrow you my copy of the paper chase if you want, the lake michigan idea is good.

But, you cannot have my special addition "Rounders", maybe my original 'full screen' version, but not my collectors addition. Good movie, a dream come true for any law student.

Now, I must go watch the people in the library to see if they have any 'tells' as to how they are doing studying for finals.

I eat Oreos during my exams.

And for the record, I have the Rounders DVD. It's just the hopes and dreams of every disaffected, degenerate gambler law student, so I had to include it in the list.

And The Paper Chase blows.

Two things:

1) I'm available for poker lessons;
2) Thanks for the Tucker Max link.

Tucker Max is my patron saint.

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