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Thursday, November 10, 2005 

The McGee Family: Comedy Gold

Ald. Michael McGee Jr. had a little run in with the Tosa police this week. All Things Irrelevant has a great summary of the events and some commentary. Speaking as someone who has had the cops called on him for being in a parking lot, I have no sympathy for McGee (It was a case of mistaken identity; it was the parking lot of the place that I worked. It was dark and one of them employees couldn't tell it was me from a distance). But I digress. The parking lot belongs to Blockbuster. If he is there after hours and not dropping off a DVD in the night slot (probably the only acceptable reason to be there), then he needs to move.

McGee said he was meeting a friend to whom he'd planned to give a DVD on non-violence

I guess he didn't share this non-violence DVD with his supporters who got violent at the protest today at the Tosa Police Department. A handful of them beat up a guy who came to speak out against McGee. Who the hell is stupid enough to start a fight in front of a police department?! And in front of every TV news camera in the city?!

Here are a few more of Junior McGee's greatest hits...
At one point, he used a derogatory term for homosexuals when referring to police officers accused in the beating of Frank Jude Jr. and then refused to apologize when confronted at City Hall by state Sen. Tim Carpenter (D-Milwaukee), who is gay.

More recently, after McGee led a bus trip to the Millions More March in Washington, D.C., two Riverside students questioned comments they say McGee made that implied they were lesbians. They also said he had made racist statements and bragged about his confrontation with Carpenter.

Maybe he just feels very competitive with his father. You know McGee Senior, right? He's the guy who wanted to blow up the Bradley Center, put snipers on the freeway, and throw tires in front of cars on said freeway. Today on his radio show, he also said that he'd like to shoot Tosa cops. Class act.

EDIT: Jessica McBride has a great post about the life and times of Junior. Well worth your time.

nice quick read. You gotta love the behavior of public officials in milwaukee. You wonder why we have such a bad reputation nation-wide...look no further than Ex-Milwaukee Mayors, current aldermen and women, and their respective children and children's friends. It never stops.....seems like it is a lot more Dems and Republicans though. Where's JDR when you need him.

JDR is too busy ranting about reporters wearing "slickers" to be bothered with local corruption.


Jay needs a blog.

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