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Saturday, October 01, 2005 

Thank You, Justice Ginsburg

Wow, never thought I'd type those words. The old war horse for the ACLU came through in a major way this week, giving the next Supreme Court nominee a broad shield. The full story is here.
Ginsburg also said she agreed with a position taken by federal Judge John G. Roberts during his confirmation hearing to replace the late Chief Justice William H. Rehnquist.

Roberts invoked Ginsburg when he refused to speculate on how he would rule in cases before the court.

"Judge Roberts was unquestionably right," Ginsburg said. "My rule was I will not answer a question that attempts to project how I will rule in a case that might come before the court."

So take that, all you Judiciary Committee Democrats who said Roberts was not following the Ginsburg standard. I could kiss her on the lips right now, but I'm sure she tastes like old people. The next nominee just has to follow what Roberts did and cite Justice Ginsburg as support. I'd love to see Biden claim that Ginsburg doesn't know what the Ginsburg standard is. I bet he tries to do it.

Oh, one other thing...
"I would not like to be the only woman on the court," said Ginsburg
That's easy to remedy. Quit right now. Take Justice Stevens too.

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