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Wednesday, October 26, 2005 

Stossel v. Congress

I'm pimping John Stossel's work more and more lately, but he deserves attention. His latest column is all about the Coburn Amendment and pork.

I think that the position that I take on this issue is brilliant. I slam any legislator for sending federal funds back home for their non-federal, pet issues. But I can't stand people who fawn over the Senators who voted in support of Coburn's plan. Why? Am I nuts? Yes. But I also don't believe that reasonably intelligent adults should be praised for doing the right thing. They should do the right thing reflexively, if they are the noble public servants that they claim to be.

But that's not politics. Politics is scummy. And I feel my most anger towards Congress when I'm writing that check to the US Treasury in early April, knowing that my money is going to some moron's bridge in Alaska.

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