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Monday, October 24, 2005 

"A cold heart is a dead heart..."

I'm high on HIM right now. There is something about that post-concert buzz that just makes everything feel fine. The band was amazing live. I have a bunch of live recordings and a short live DVD, but they didn't capture the band fully. Ville Valo is a weird looking guy in person, but he's got a set of pipes on him. It's hard to say what my favorite songs were. "Poison Girl" was great, so was "Buried Alive By Love" and one of the new ones, "Wings of a Butterfly."

The setlist was excellent. They opened with a new song "Vampire Heart" and then went into an old favorite "Right Here in My Arms." Even though the latest album just came out, the band made sure to play the old songs that everyone wanted to hear. I can't stand it when bands tour and just pimp the new album. I know that they want to sell it and promote it, but the crowd wants to hear their favorites. For the encore, they did a cover of the Ramones song "Poison Heart." It was good enough that I want to by their latest CD single just to get the recording of it. I'm cheap; I usually would never buy a single. The whole performance was great. I have a feeling that I'll be listening to HIM heavily in the next few days.

The crowd was pretty interesting. There were a ton of teenage goth kids (of course), but a lot of older people too. And I'm not talking about "older" as in my age. One couple in particular decided to use the concert as a time to dry hump. Pretty classy. Freakishness aside, the crowd was really into the show. I was far too sober and with other people who I would rather not look like a moron in front of to get all stupid. The last thing I need is my classmate Lindsey telling everyone at school that I was acting like a buffoon at the HIM show. But I had a great time just watching the show and listening to the music. Sometimes it's better to just watch the performance and let it all soak in. Good times. I'm glad I went.

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