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Tuesday, September 20, 2005 

What Am I?

I know it is cliche, but I hate political labels. It's mostly because I don't think there is one that accurately describes what I believe. I've been reflexively labeled a "conservative" by many people simply because I voted for Bush twice (that's one vote in two different elections). I really don't fit that definition. My Saturday nights are closer to George W Bush circa 1975 than George W Bush circa 2005. I can count the number of church services that I've been to on one hand. There aren't a lot of social issues that I care much about. I'm conservative (read as "cheap") with my money, but that's about it.

I get labeled a Republican too, also because I voted for Bush twice. Well, I'm not. I've never joined a political party and probably won't ever. I prefer my individuality. I also think the Republicans are wrong often. I've never tallied up all the major issues of the day, but I think they get a lot of stuff wrong. Their saving grace (at least in regards to my vote) is that the Democrats are wrong on just about all of the issues. I followed the 2004 election very closely, and I can't think of one instance where I thought Kerry had a better position on an issue than Bush (Kerry took both positions a lot though, so it was confusing at times).

I think it's pretty obvious that I've never been called a liberal or a Democrat. I believe that you should keep the money you earn, that you know how to best spend your money, that the government should be as small as possible, that the Constitution means what it actually says, that socialism is morally wrong, and that personal responsibility is important. I also believe that oral sex is sex. So I don't get stuck with those labels ever.

Philosophically, I'd say I'm a libertarian. Do whatever the hell you want, as long as it doesn't hurt anyone else or interfere with their rights. And leave me alone while you're at it. I can run my life just fine without you, some agency, and/or some bureaucrat sticking your noses into my business. It doesn't "take a village," especially when I never asked for the village's input. I've been asked why I don't vote for the Libertarian party. Well, I think some of them are kind of nuts. Their foreign policy (basically political but not economic isolation as based on George Washington's farewell address) is pretty unworkable right now. We are too much of a world player to just pull back and expect everything to be peachy keen. And honestly, you have to vote strategically when you live in a swing state. I could've voted for Badnarik if I thought Bush would win the election (I didn't think he would).

Even when Bush disappoints me (like on spending, immigration, making government bigger), I still know my vote was right. Why? My "why" spent the last week in a Senate committee room, answering questions from a bunch of idiot politicians. Judges and, more importantly, Supreme Court Justices appointed by Republicans are so much better than the ones appointed by Democrats. There have been some screw ups (Souter) but I will take Rehnquist and Scalia over Ginsburg and Breyer any day. And if you don't understand the power that those 9 people have, you need to read a few cases. They make the final call on legislation and Constitutional rights. They have incredible power and they are there for life. Four years as president, 6 years as senator, and 2 years in Congress are nothing compared to that. Until we as a nation stop giving all of our big decisions to the Supreme Court, I will cast my vote with this issue at the head of my list.

So what am I? Tired and going to bed.

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