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Monday, September 19, 2005 

You're My Boy, Bill

From Volokh

College freshman Dana Rehnquist was on her way to dinner with her brother and grandfather one night a few years back when the grandfather, a big movie buff, announced that he had just seen a "really raunchy" film.
He loved it so much, he said, that even when his disgusted friends wanted to get up in the middle and leave, he ordered them to stay put.
The chief justice of the United States Supreme Court, it turns out, was professing his admiration for the frat-house film Old School.

Did the Chief appreciate Luke Wilson's character who was a real estate attorney? I certainly did. The Chief was a pretty funny guy. During the Burger Court, he brought into conference an issue of The National Lampoon that contained a picture of the Justices engaged in uh, provocative acts. Burger didn't find it funny.

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