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Tuesday, August 30, 2005 

Iron Chef is Trippy

I love Iron Chef. If you haven't seen it, Iron Chef is a Japanese TV show where chefs compete against a master chef, known as an Iron Chef. Wikipedia will bring you up to speed on the details.

Tonight was Battle Eggplant with the always entertaining Chef Sakai. That man is just adorable. I love his granny glasses with the gold chain. He's the Japanese version of Hans Moleman. The weird seafood ingredients are the best ones, especially if it is alive. You haven't seen good television until you've seen a small Japanese man furiously beating a giant lake carp in the head with a cleaver. That is must-see TV.

I can't wait to travel abroad. Not only do I just want to see these various places, I want to check out their TV shows. I really have no desire to watch Matt Le Blanc in another oh so hilarious situation comedy. I want to see a 5 ft tall man fighting with a live eel.

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