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Monday, June 27, 2005 

Fuck It, I'm Busy

I'm working on my Trusts and Estates exam (due Wednesday in the AM) on the day of major Court news. I am the master of timing. I'll say a few things and leave the analysis for the end of the week. I'm not surprised that they split the baby on the 10 Commandments. I am surprised that Breyer was the baby splitter. I'm not shocked at the file sharing case. I'm not shocked there was no retirement announcement. I'll go on record (ON THE INTERNET) right now and predict that O'Connor will retire. Take that, Vegas oddsmakers!

Law and Alcoholism has a good post about unrepresented minorities on the Court. I'd also like to add Werewolf-Americans, sluts, and Atlanteans. Personally, I think President Bush should nominate me. I don't have a snowball's chance in hell to make it out of committee, but I will give the American people the most entertaining confirmation hearing in the nation's history. I'll walk in with a beer.

EDIT: Just read Volokh. They're blowing up like mad with posts.

4:30 AM EDIT: I've been working on this exam all night. I finally have all the answers mapped out. I just have to type it up. I would be asleep now but I have an appointment in a few hours that I will miss if I fall asleep. I am also trying to find a website that offers betting on the Supreme Court retirements. I'm just curious what odds they would give. I'm not throwing down any money or anything.

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