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Sunday, June 26, 2005 



I try my best to not talk about celebrities on here cause I don't care that much about them. But all this crap about Tom Cruise recently has caught my attention. In the link above, he is shown as being "unhinged" on the Today Show. Good for him. First, I hate Matt Lauer and I will support anyone who yells at him and calls him stupid. Second, I agree with what Cruise said. Mind altering drugs that "fix" mental problems don't fix them. If you have something chemically wrong that is one thing. If you have a behavioral problem or emotional issues and fears, that chemical isn't helping you. You are just tricking yourself into think the problem is solved. We live in an overly medicated society, thinking that pills will make us happy. That's not going to do it. Maybe reevaluating one's life is a better course of action than a trip to a shrink.

I'm not big on Scientology but they do have one practice that I like. It's called bull baiting. Basically, you have people insult you in horrible ways. Think of the worst things that people can say to you. This allows you to get used to the abuse, and you end up not internalizing any of it. I think that's where Cruise got his "I don't give a shit what you think" attitude. I like that attitude.

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