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Tuesday, May 10, 2005 

They Make It So Easy

HBO boxing commentator Jim Lampley, posting on the unintentionally hilarious Huffington Post, says that Karl Rove stole the election for George W Bush.

His proof? Vegas odds makers. He says that the boys in Vegas used the exit polls to dub John Kerry the 2 to 1 favorite to win the election at 5 PM on November 2nd. I guess Jimmy missed the news stories and analysis that went on for a week or two after the elections showing exactly why the exit polls were wrong. The pollers oversampled groups like women and city dwellers, traditional Democratic voters. The exit polls gave results that defied all logic and political history too. They had Mississippi as a dead heat, too close to call. Mississippi. Missi-fucking-ssippi. That state is as red as red can get. Bush won by 20 percentage points. Oh, but the exit polls thought it would be closer so we should trust those. They're infallible after all.

Huffington's website is wonderful. It gives celebrities and media types a forum to spout their ridiculous ideas for all the world to see. I hate the fact that they refer to their featured area as a "blog" though. There is no way to post comments on what is written by each individual. It's basically an op-ed page for people who have no business on an op-ed page. Oh well, I hope it sticks around cause this crap is hilarious.

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