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Tuesday, May 10, 2005 

The Morning After

Well folks, the first year of law school is officially in the record books (well unofficially until I get my grades). Yesterday I cruised down to school a little before 1 PM, handed in my Civ Pro take home, and found myself not wanting to start drinking that early. It wasn't any sort of moral objection. I was worried that I'd be out of cash too fast.

I ended up in the library. The internet got boring fast, so I decided to read a book. I ended up lounging on the 5th floor, reading Prey by Michael Crichton for 4 hours. I got 204 pages into it. It's a wonderful feeling to be able to waste my time like that.

I eventually ended up at Hagerty's for some food and a couple beers. There weren't a lot of law students there, at least nothing like last semester. Broke suckers don't want to actually pay for beer. Honestly, it does make more sense to wait until 7 PM, go to Caffery's, and drink the free beer. The crowd at Caffrey's was much bigger. I had a great time just talking to everyone. It seems strange that I won't see most of these people for months. Some of the poor bastards will be taking summer classes with me, but not many. I was struck by how fast this year went. My life was stressful, hectic, hellish, and unbearable at times, but the time flew. Strange.

I ended up home around midnight. I had no desire to make it to bar close. I was really tanked at 11 anyway, so I decided to gracefully bow out early.

I've got some weird sleep issues going on too. I ended up sleeping until 3 PM Sunday because I knew that I would be pulling an all-nighter to finish Civ Pro. I was awake from then and through all of my adventures yesterday until I got home last night. This morning I woke up at 5 AM on my own. I've been wide awake since then. A reasonable person would look at what I did Sunday and Monday and say that I would probably spend a lot of time in bed. I am an unreasonable person. I probably have a sleeping disorder.

The weather is great today; it's gorgeous outside. So that's where I'm going. Blogging is a bad weather activity.

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