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Wednesday, May 04, 2005 

Sleep Schedule

I've fucked it up. This tends to happen during exams... and spring and winter break, long weekends, marathon nights of drinking, Tuesdays, and pretty much any other time. But it's much more damaging during exams. I have a study group to be at tomorrow morning and I'll probably be groggy and useless for the first hour or so until my brain decides to roll out of bed and join the rest of my body in the law library.

I took a break from Con Law to enjoy a little Internet excitement and Moonraker on Encore. Not Bond's finest film. But it's got Richard Kiel as Jaws so I'll watch for the duration.

Going over Con Law is seriously depressing. Don't get me wrong, I find the subject very interesting. If I felt like I could make any sort of decent living out of it, I'd love to go into the field. To be completely honest, I'm in this field for two reasons. 1. Intellectual curiosity. I want to know the law and understand my rights as an individual. Helping other people understand their rights is a satisfying bonus. 2. Money. I'd like to have a career that pays me well, because economic freedom is important to personal freedom. I want to be able to retire early and do what I want with the rest of my time, sort of like Ben Franklin did.

Back to the depression. I get depressed because I am certain the 98% of the US population has no real grasp of what the Constitution says and what it means. I don't mean this in any kind of Jay Leno, pop quiz, "what's Amendment __ say?" type of thing. I don't think people know that the Constitution is the structural framework of the government. It's the who's got what power and why.

If by some act of Satan I was made president, this is the first thing I'd do. I would declare a national holiday and shut everything down for one day, maybe two if another day was needed. Everyone would go to a local government building that their tax dollars built. There they would get a copy of the Constitution, the Federalist Papers, and the debates from the Constitutional Convention. Then everyone would start reading. Read Article 1, read the corresponding parts of the other two books, then discuss it. Look at the limits that the Framers put on Congress, look at the list of powers that Congress has, then compare that to what Congress is today. Then move on to Article 2, lather, rinse, repeat.

I think the whole process would be good for everyone. And they wouldn't be so shocked when President Me gets rid of the Department of Education, the IRS, the Department of Agriculture, and about 100 other bureaucratic hellholes.

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