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Monday, May 09, 2005 

I'm Not Going to Panic

The Federal Rules of Civil Procedure fucking suck. Seriously. They're like the worst thing ever. I'm working on my take home exam right now, trying to figure this garbage out. I have 8 of 21 questions finished. It's due at 3:30 PM Monday. I'm honestly not worried about finishing, cause I know I'll get it done in time. It just sucks all the same.

I've been taking sanity breaks every so often, just so I don't get a Vietnam-like 1000 yard stare directed at the computer screen. I'm thinking about just sitting down and working this stuff out on paper, then coming back to type it up. Otherwise I'll get distracted and end up posting on my blog or something equally retarded. If I had a fucking laptop that worked, I could just go to school and work there.

I just have a million things on my mind and Civ Pro doesn't even rank in the top thousand. Getting a new computer is high on the list. I just can't use desktops anymore. I need my mp3s and bookmarks at hand, and I don't have that luxury on this POS. I picked out a Dell that I'm going to order Tuesday. I'm also fighting that "I'm already on vacation" feeling in my brain. Cause that fucker has just about checked out of my head, beach ball and sunscreen in hand. Then there is always the mandatory female bullshit that I'm thinking about. I swore to myself that I would not turn this blog into an angsty, emo live journal so that's all the detail you're getting out of me.

I got an email from the Student Bar Association reps confirming that there will be free beer after exams tomorrow night. There was also a lengthy, finger wagging paragraph about binge drinking. Seriously folks. If you are in law school, you're a college grad. You've done your share of drinking already. This isn't orientation week at UW and we aren't a bunch of wet behind the ears freshmen. And I don't think lite beer is going to be the culprit that finally does me in. I'm pretty sure that my liver is at the point that I could drink anti-freeze and just have a mild hangover the next day. They mean well (yeah right, they are worried about liability issues. C'mon, they know the law.)

Well I suppose it is high time to get back to Civ Pro and all of the garbage that entails. By the way, "Peach" by Prince is the best song ever written.

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