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Friday, April 22, 2005 

I Have Monday Off... Weird

Well today was eventful considering Friday is one of my shortest days of classes. I was only moderately hungover for my performance in Property. I knew the case very well, only had a few minor stumbles, and managed to make some coherent arguments. I did notice something though. There are moments where after the professor asks you a difficult question, you have to think about it for a while. There is this just dead silence in the room. It feels like everyone is waiting for you to say something and you just can't kickstart your brain into working. Everything went well though. And it will be the last time this semester I get called on in any class.

I registered for Fall classes today. I got the worst draw for registration appointment times. There were so many classes closed that I wanted. It really made me frustrated but this is how it goes sometimes. I am taking Evidence, Law Governing Lawyers (that's a fancy way to say Ethics), Environmental Law, Health Law, and Federal Income Tax of Individuals. The first two courses are graduation requirements. Enviro deals with real estate laws and I enjoy the professor. Health Law applies to elder law, retirement planning, etc. Tax is tax.

The three areas of law I am considering right now are real estate, estate planning/elder law, and tax. So this is basically my sampler semester. I'm hoping that by taking these courses, I will figure out what it is exactly that I want to do. A little certainty right now would be nice, but I know I won't get that until I get through next Fall.

For some reason, I have no classes on Monday. Usually if you get a day off, it's Friday. I have Tuesday-Thursday classes and Wednesday-Friday classes. It's fine with me. I'm not thrilled about being at school until 8:15 PM on Tues-Thurs but those are the breaks. I had night classes in undergrad and they really aren't that bad. The time between my morning classes and the late one will let me get a lot of reading done.

I'm going to spend the remainder of the night watching A Time to Kill on Cinemax. Not the most thrilling Friday night of my life, but I figure last night was more than enough fun (and beer).

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