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Thursday, April 21, 2005 

College Students are Stupid

After my 4 years of undergraduate education, I have come to a conclusion about college students. They are no smarter than people who do not go to college. In fact, many of them are plain stupid. They are often ignorant and easily manipulated. The ones that are politically minded often end up resorting to extremism in their rhetoric and their methods. I can't help but roll my eyes at their protests and slogans. They come to college with open minds, so open in fact that their brains fall out. They are then pumped full of tired old catch phrases that I doubt they're ever really thought about. "Earth first!" "No blood for oil!" "Workers of the world unite!" Someone else's words coming out of your mouth.

So-called rebels.

I get sickened when I see Che Guevara's mug emblazened on a shirt, patch, or album cover. It's the equivalent of sporting an image of Mengele or Himmler. I doubt these kids have any idea what kinds of brutality and tyranny came from their hero Che. The funny thing is that most of, if not all, of the people who sport Che's image are anti-death penalty. Do they know how many people he killed with nothing that even resembled a fair trial? Whatever. Let's skip class and go to the protest, man.

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