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Saturday, April 22, 2006 

Solicitor General Panel on the Rehnquist Court

Tonight's episode of American and the Courts on C-SPAN included part of the panel of Solicitors General from the Federalist Society event in Milwaukee that honored the legacy of the Rehnquist Court. The excerpt on the show included the opening remarks from the three panelists (who were skillfully guided by moderator Dean Joseph Kearney of MULS). In addition to those remarks, the panelists discussed the Commerce Clause cases, the 11th Amendment cases, and briefly touched on executive power, specifically Morrison v Olsen. The website has the entire video available, not just the excerpt from tonight's show. It's an interesting discussion, but let me warn you in advance. These guys don't explain much. If you aren't familiar with the cases already, you might find things a little confusing.

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