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Tuesday, March 14, 2006 

Ginsburg: Hangin' On

Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg spoke at the University of Toledo yesterday. Her remarks touched on a few topics.
Ginsburg, now the only woman on the court after the retirement of Sandra Day O'Connor, said having two women on the court brought a sense of caring and concern to the bench.
Hear that? That's the sound of my eyes rolling. Justice Ginsburg was asked how long she would stay on the Court...
She said she'll be there as long as she has her health.

"Every day I look at John Paul Stevens who's about to turn 86 and I think maybe I can make it too," she said.
Justice Ginsburg is 72 right now. Forgive me for being ghoulish, but I just don't see her going for another 14 years. I think she's going to try though. The only thing that would make her retire is being totally unable to function as a Justice. She certainly does not want to retire while this president is in office. I put both her and Justice Scalia in the "I'm not retiring until they have to carry me out of here" wing of the Court. They just see the stakes as being too high. If anyone does retire soon, it will be the aforementioned octogenarian, Justice Stevens.

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