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Thursday, February 02, 2006 

Beer Review: Honey Creek Pale Ale

After leaving my night class, I got talked into going out to dinner. Well, it didn't take much persuading. I was in the mood for a decent meal (that I didn't have to cook) and a beer or two. The Honey Creek Pale Ale was the beer that I ordered with my meal. It has sort of a copper-red color to it, like a blend of a golden ale and a red beer. The aroma was nice. It was malty but had sort of a honey scent as well. The initial flavor is semi-sweet and citrusy, however, the flavor is not very strong. The finish is fairly bitter. There is a distinct bite when you swallow, as well as an after taste of hops. As far as pale ales go, the Honey Creek is average to decent. It went well with my burger, but I don't think I would like it much on its own. It's a nice contrast to have with the meal, but it doesn't have enough personality to stand alone. I could probably have one or two, but then I would be sick of it. I decided to try something else next.

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