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Friday, January 27, 2006 

Beer Review: Guinness Draught

You're probably asking why the hell I would be reviewing Guinness. Everybody's had Guinness. Yeah, yeah, I know. But I have one can left in my fridge and I might as well get a review out of it. Guinness is godly. Even canned (which is inferior to tapped), Guinness head has a creamy consistency. After a masterful pour (I've done this a few times), the perfect amount of head forms, and it's not going anywhere. The aroma is sort or grainy, sort of chocolatey. The first taste is best, in my opinion. The smoothness of the beer perfectly compliments the creaminess of the head. There is a slightly hoppy finish that leaves that distinctive stout taste in your mouth. This is a personal favorite and an old standby.

The other great thing about Guinness is its versatility. You haven't lived until you've had an Irish Car Bomb (that's a shot of Jameson Whiskey with a little Bailey's Irish Cream dropped into a half pint of Guinness, then pounded). There's also the Black and Tan which is a layered pint, usually Guinness and Smithwicks. In Ireland, Guinness is given to blood donors and stomach and intestinal post-operative patients because of its high iron content.

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