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Saturday, December 03, 2005 


I don't have much time for a real update today, so I'll give you a coming attractions post. Expect these either on Wednesday afternoon or later. Future posts will include my thoughts on the Ayotte v Planned Parenthood oral argument that I found time to listen to this week. I think it's being replayed on American and the Courts on CSPAN tonight if you are lame enough to be home on a Saturday night (as opposed to being in the library like me). I'm going to have a post Wednesday after my Ethics exam concerning the next attack on Judge Alito and why Slate's legal coverage is downright embarrassing. I am itching to do it right now, but it will take too much time. It will be the first new one, because I think it's so important to respond to this attack. There will probably be a few more beer reviews in the coming weeks. Finishing exams and getting ripped go hand in hand. Time to get back to studying...

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