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Friday, December 02, 2005 

Beer Review: Goose Island Christmas Ale

Two beer reviews in one night. I'm feeling giving. A lot of breweries have special Christmas beers during this holiday season. Chicago's Goose Island is one such brewery. Their Christmas Ale has a deep, dark red color. It's probably the darkest red beer that I've seen. It's almost black. There is a strong, hoppy bite in the initial taste. It lingers in your mouth for a little while too. Strangely enough, there is no hoppy aftertaste. It has a totally clean finish. This ale is great for people (like me) who get sick of very hoppy beers quickly. Normally, I can only have two really hoppy beers and then I have to switch to something else. They can be oddly filling. The Goose Island Christmas Ale gives you that burst of hops but doesn't overpower you with it.

The Goose Island Christmas Ale also ages. It's flavor will continue to develop over five years. I've never had a beer last that long in my house, so I'm going to have to take their word for it. The six pack that I bought was bottled on November 1, 2004. It definitely didn't taste old. The Goose Island Christmas Ale is worth a try. I've tried and liked their Oktoberfest beer, so I might try a few other varieties in the future.

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