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Friday, December 02, 2005 

Beer Review: New Glarus Edel Pils

Studying for exams is a stressful activity. Sometimes, the only suitable thing to do after a long day of studying is having a few beers with your friends. This is an important part of studying: knowing when to stop studying. There is a point in the evening when your brain will not take any more information. That is the point in the evening when you have a beer.

New Glarus Edel Pils is the next in a long line of New Glarus product reviews that I have done. Edel Pils is a pilsner (duh) brewed with a mixture of Bavarian and American hops. Wisconsin barley adds a homestate connection. The beer is a beautiful golden color. The aroma is kind of strange. It's a bit sour. It didn't make me want to drink it at all. The beer's flavor is smooth and light. After a bitter bite, it goes down quite easily. It finishes cleanly and has very little aftertaste.

I wasn't very impressed by the Edel Pils. It doesn't have much character. There are too many other beers that are like this. I have no problem drinking it and wouldn't turn one down, but I wouldn't actively seek it to buy it. The other New Glarus beers are much better.

A couple of weeks ago, at a party, I had a few New Glarus Bavarian Lagers.

Check it out. Toasty and goes down very easily.

Thanks for this review BTW...I've always found New Glarus products to be just excellent....kind of a surprise that this one wasn't

I'm definitely going to check out that Bavarian Lager. New Glarus is one of my favorite breweries, and I try to sample everything they produce. Their Unplugged beers are pretty cool. They are experimental, one-time only brews (unless they end up really liking them) that are sold in single bottles. I've had the Triple and the Eisbock. Good stuff.

I'm willing to give the Edel Pils another shot. Based on the smell, I think that this was stale beer. It's entirely possible that I got my hands on a 6 pack that had been on the shelf for a long time.

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