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Wednesday, November 16, 2005 

Rejected why?

Senator Reid puked forth some comments on Judge Alito and Harriet Miers today. It was the usual garbage about Alito's 20 year old statement that the Constitution does not protect a right to an abortion. This may come as a shock, but many people in the legal community share that view.

The part of Reid's statement that struck me was this...
"Harriet Miers was forced to withdraw by conservative activists who want to change the legal landscape of America," Reid said. "They decided she was inadequately radical or insufficiently aggressive for their purposes, so they gave her the boot."
Uh, no. Miers was rejected because she was not qualified to sit on the Court. Even when assured by the White House that she would vote the right way, the "activists" still rejected her. We (I guess I'm an activist now too) want a great judicial mind on the Court. We want someone who not only votes the right way, but who can write sound and persuasive opinions to back those votes up. Reid is a disingenuous sack. His statements can't be further from the truth.

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