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Monday, November 14, 2005 

Dean... Again

Sunday morning didn't seem to go well for the good doctor. First, he ducked an opportunity to appear with Republican Party Chairman Ken Mehlman on Meet the Press. Drudge reports...
Moments before taping was to begin with host Tim Russert, Mehlman asked Dean outside the NBC studio's green room: "There's still time for us to go on together Governor."” Dean declined with a shrug of his shoulders and an uncomfortable cackle and then proceeded to walk away into the green room.
Terry McAuliffe used to make joint appearances with the Republican Party Chairman often. They were usually good mini-debates and pretty fun to watch. I guess Dean isn't up for it.

Then Mehlman called on Dean to denounce the racist attacks on Republican Michael Steele, a Senate candidate in Maryland. According to the Washington Times...
Mr. Dean declined to address the statements against Mr. Steele, but said, "I didn't hear Ken condemning the chairman of the Maryland party when he called me an anti-Semite."
Unfortunately for Dean, leader of the Republican Party in Maryland John Kane never said that. Kane is understandably pissed off.

This, as well as other instances, leave me with only one conclusion: Howard Dean is too stupid to do this job. I'm not saying that as some over the top, extreme political rhetoric phrase designed to get attention. I think that it's the only conclusion that can be drawn. He's just a horrible politician. He doesn't think before he speaks. He spouts off whatever pops into his head, failing to even examine if it's true or not. His fund raising has been dismal (gee, that's shocking). He doesn't have the guts to face Ken Mehlman on Meet the Press. Come on, it's Ken Mehlman. It's not like anyone is asking him to debate William F. Buckley or anything(although I'd pay top dollar to watch that beating).

If this is the face that the Democratic Party wants to put forward, that's fine by me. It's their funeral. Actually, I support their choice. Howard Dean is great theater. Watching this sleestak try to function on the Sunday morning shows is pretty damn entertaining.

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