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Sunday, November 27, 2005 


Sorry for the lack of posts lately. I wish I could blame it all on studying, but I really haven't had anything that I've wanted to talk about recently. I'm sure this week will give me ample fodder.

I know the feeling. I'm a second year BA major, and sometimes there are all kinds of things I'd love to blog about, but don't have the time because of studying. And sometimes, there's just nothing I want to write about. It makes for slow blogging, but I try to get a couple of posts up a week when I can.

It's weird. Even when I have a ton of stuff going on in my life, I can still find time to post a lot. But I need to have something to say. Currently, I have nothing to say.

wow that is a suprise, steve has nothing to say...sound the trumpets, look for the white smoke, something big is happening, something is not right in the world

Don't worry. I'm sure that I'll be running my mouth (as usual) tomorrow.

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