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Tuesday, November 22, 2005 


Confirm Them spotted a letter from People for the American Way president and head smear artist Ralph Neas in USA Today. It included this mature line...
What is important isn't whether Alito is "dweeby" but whether Americans can count on him to uphold their rights and freedoms if he is confirmed.
You know what they say about people in glass houses, right? Take a look at Ralph Neas.

Is that not the freakiest looking dude you've ever seen? Jim Henson's creature workshop couldn't come up with a character that strange. I don't think "dweeby" would begin to describe Neas, but "nightmarish" is a good start.

Really, the "dweeby" remark in reference to Judge Alito was nothing but an unnecessary low blow. The USA Today shouldn't have used it in its original article, and Neas shouldn't have repeated it. It's sophomoric.

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