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Saturday, November 12, 2005 

Do You People Really Think that Conflicts of Interest Will Sink Alito?!

Point of Law highlights another feeble attempt to stop Judge Alito's confirmation with a conflict of interest allegation. Just give up already. This is getting pathetic. I have an entire casebook full of worse situations that attorneys have gotten themselves into during practice. This is nothing. This is a weak attempt at stopping the inevitable.

Trying to distance myself here, I really have to question the intelligence of these attacks on Judge Alito. When unfriendly elements of the media or Ralph Neas or Nan Aron level these weak attacks, all they do is weaken any credibility that they had. People hear these attacks, look at the merits of the accusation, roll their eyes, and move on. This happens over and over again. After a while, even people who would be sympathetic will write these attacks off outright. Then what happens when the PFAW brigade really needs to mobilize? What happens when President Bush gets another nomination to the Court and picks a real fire breather? The critics have lost any credibility they once had. The attacks fall on deaf ears. It's crying wolf too many times.

Of course, these groups will never listen to that kind of advice. They love seeing their names in print too much. And to them, any nominee to the right of Justice Ginsburg is an ideologue who must be opposed at all costs. I wonder what it's like living in fantasyland...

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